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So you’re looking at applying for a mortgage but don’t quite know how to go about it.  You’re thinking of just going into your bank and just putting in an application.  Here’s some advice: don’t.  You may be thinking “huh, I’ve been with my bank for a long time.  They’ll take care of me.”  Here’s the thing.  Odds are they’ll give you a rate, tell you it’s below the prime rate by a certain amount and offer you the paper work.  And while that’s going to be true, and it might seem like a good mortgage, it doesn’t mean it’s the mortgage that will be best suited to you.  The most beneficial course of action would be to seek out a broker.  There may be a few steps and hoops to jump through, but no more than if you went to a bank directly.  And in the end it should save you a significant sum of money.  Think of us as a real estate agent, but for mortgages.  You might not wind up with the bank you have your credit cards or your RRSP registered through but you will wind up a mortgage more suited to your needs.  Like a finely tailored suit of finances.  The thing about brokers/agents is that we (usually) get different rates than what the banks advertise to the public.  Shopping with us is essentially like getting onto an exclusive shoppers list.  And here’s the best part.  We’re free.  No not in the same way apps are “free to play”.  Sure you can get it but you have to pay $50 in micro transactions to get anywhere.  I mean there is no cost, other than your time of course.  When you come to us you get to see what several banks are offering and get a better idea of what’s out there and what’s available to you.  Coming to a broker I can guarantee we will do our best to find the best mortgage solution for you, each and every time.  With that said, lets get your measurements and begin!

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