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Pride was yesterday and what a time it was.  The atmosphere was amazing, everyone was happy to be there and even the Prime Minister seemed to be having a blast!  The fight for equal rights continues on and seems to be making some serious progress.  Just recently Ontario stated it would allow the use of an “X” as a gender indicator on driver’s licenses.  Following this, Trudeau talked about trying to get the third option passed and available federally.  “We are trying to figure out the best way to actually getting around to doing it.”  With gender neutrality options passing federally it is likely you will start to see the option becoming available in all legal forms, including mortgage applications.  This may seem to bring an extra layer of complexity to the process however, the listing is just that of someone’s identity and should not complicate the process any further.  To most mortgage brokers, agents, lenders etc.  A client is a client regardless and any mortgage official would be pleased to help anyone with their mortgage regardless of identity.  The added gender option simply adds more diversity to the process and does not impact a broker’s ability to get you a mortgage or a lender’s ability to lend you the finances you need.  All rates would remain the same for those of any gender or orientation.  Sadly, it is not an option as of yet, but it seems to be on its way.  As a broker, would be happy to assist anyone in need of a mortgage regardless of your identity, and as an agent I can say we would be proud to have any and every member of the LGBT+ community as a client.  Here’s to equality!

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