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Fraud is everywhere, there’s no way around it.  Sure there are some financial benefits to those who commit it but the risk is very high and will follow you around.  There’s no shaking the paper trail that leads right to your doorstep (unless you’re a less than fictional Andy Dufresne).  It doesn’t’ end with the closing of the deal, it never ends, that paper trail will always be there. There are some brokers or agents that are willing to push their luck in the risks of fraudulence, but many (myself included) are not.  Not only is it a question of ethics but legality.  Neither of which anyone should be vying to break.  Even if it’s a measly $1,000 off, falsifying this kind of information can have some seriously backlash and I don’t think it’d be worth it under any circumstance.  Notorious gangster Al Capone was arrested on several charges but none of them would stick.  Except for one.  Tax evasion.  If one of the most notorious gangsters in modern history couldn’t get away with fraud, why in the world would someone want to attempt it now, especially since the technologies in finding fraudulence have increased exponentially.  Ultimately it’s a terrible way to make money no broker should even consider, and if you’re a borrower, I would suggest finding a broker that will get you the best rate in your scenario without putting themselves and yourself in danger in the process.  It is their job to be your voice and advocate on your behalf, if they’re breaking the law on your behalf, it looks bad on both them and yourselves.  Put simply it’s a risk not worth the reward.  This is something all brokers or agents should know.  Sadly, it’s something a few of them will turn a blind eye to or even actively participate in themselves.  So that means its up to you to find yourself a reputable broker who will not endanger your reputation by using less than reputable methods of obtaining your mortgage.

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